League of Legends – Pyke

Riot Games

Meet Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper.

We helped Riot Games reveal their newest, ghastly champion by creating an animated promo video that is sure to send chills down your spine.

The horror themed video paints a harrowing mural of Pyke’s murky and murderous origins that was designed to drive the publishing efforts across all of Riot Games’ social haunts.

Abandoned By His Crew

They left him to die amongst the leviathans of the deep… but he didn’t stay dead.

Out For Revenge

His betrayers will pay for what they did… as will anyone else that stares at him long enough.



    Riot Games

  • Director

    Greg Gunn

  • Executive Producer

    Scott Rothstein

  • Art

    Riot Games

  • Animation

    Aaron Knapp, Andrew Soria, Lawrence Wyatt, Greg Gunn

  • Editor

    Greg Gunn