Wonderbook: “Book of Spells”


What makes witches and wizards truly great?

Blind teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) London Studio to create animations for PlayStation®’s new augmented reality experience, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, the launch title for PS3™’s new Wonderbook peripheral.

We were tasked with developing and animating the visual language of the “conundrums” that appear at the end of each chapter of the game.


As the narrator – Miranda Goshawk – reads the conundrums, text from the pages emerge out of the book to illustrate her stories.

“Our friends over at SCE London Studio, Joel, Russell, Claire, and Nigal, told us that the animation should feel like ‘we’re taking a line for a walk,’ and that became the central idea that shaped our process,” explains director Matthew Encina. “We designed the pieces to feel like a stream-of-consciousness. Images never held on the screen for very long–they wove in and out to seamlessly take us from scene to scene.”



Over a 5 month period, director Matthew Encina and a dedicated team of designers, illustrators, animators and producers, created 6 unique animations using a combination of 2d, 3d, and cel-animated techniques.

The development of each conundrum started off with an open exploration of sketches, where we let our imagination run wild.


Rejected ideas

Lead illustrator, JAW Cooper states, ”I found the storyboarding phase the most enjoyable part of the experience because we were so encouraged to explore and experiment with different ways of visually interpreting the conundrums; the stage of endless possibilities.”

After we were happy with the loose ideas, Cooper sketched out the sequence as a thorough storyboard.

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 11.08.36 AM

Cooper and the design team then began the creation of the characters and elements.


Concept sketches for the Gorgon character.

Teacher Concept Art sketch

Teacher concept art


Simultaneously, the animators created an animatic that mapped out the timing of key moments. With timing and elements locked, the animation team rigged and animated our characters in After Effects and Cinema 4d.

In the final stages of our process, we added connecting lines between animated elements, and added splashes of color to highlight elements in the story.


Everyone on the team helped develop a communication system using Google docs. We created tracking sheets to have a central location for the status of all the elements, shots, and artists.

“We were always working on multiple pieces of the project at the same time, so we had to pay extra attention and make sure we had clear communication with each of the different artist that were working on the same shot”

Calvin Prieto, Animator

“On the animation team, we often worked on shots that had to blend into one another seamlessly, so communication was key. We also had a great pipeline linking design to animation, and then from animation to compositing – almost like an assembly line of sorts.”

Rachel Yonda, Animator

The Result

Blind created 6 unique and exciting animations for Book of Spells. Working on this really opened our eyes to the possibilities in the future of gaming. Blind is very proud to have been a creative partner to SCE London Studio to bring Book of Spells to life. Being a part of such a monumental project, which pushes the user gaming experience through technology and expands on a story loved by millions, is nothing short of being a magical experience.





    SCE London Studio


    Russel Harding, Nigal Raymond, Claire Boissiere, Joel Smith




    Matthew Encina


    Dave Kleinman


    Amy Knerl (Head of Production), Sheima Hassanlou (Project Manager)


    Jae Yoo, Belinda Rodriguez, Ashton Johnson, Diana Liu, Rachel Lee, Carol Park


    Chris Oneill, Michael Relth


    Chris Oneill, Wu Hyun Lew, David Park, Shawn Kim, Ivan Cruz, Michael Relth, Andrew Kinsler, Evan DiLeo, Rachel Yonda, Mike Liu


    Ivan Cruz, Andrew Kinsler, Calvin Prieto, Michael Relth, Shawn Kim, Chris Oneill


    J.A.W. Cooper


    J.A.W. Cooper


    Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, C4d