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Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga conference in North America. Hundreds of thousands of fan(atics) attend the four-day event, celebrating together as a tight-knit community. Unfortunately, for each Anime Expo attendee, there are hundreds of worldwide devotees who can not make the trip.Can we connect these isolated fans to the Anime Expo experience? How can we bring them into the fold from afar?


A wildly successful social campaign that established awareness of the first Anime Expo live video stream. Blind’s work was organically featured on the Twitch homepage, shared on Twitter by Twitch senior leadership, and resulted in hundreds of thousands of stream views.



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The Idea

Our challenge was to creatively communicate to viewers worldwide that they can experience Anime Expo from the comfort of their own home.

An idea surfaced that the user’s phone, tablet or computer would become a portal into another dimension: the Anime Expo dimension. With anime’s deep roots in science fiction and fantasy, we knew this idea spoke the user’s language.

The Visuals

Visually creating a portal to the Anime Expo dimension through individual electronic devices presented a unique challenge. How can we communicate the depth of the streaming experience? How can we literally bring Anime Expo to the user’s fingertips?

The idea evolved to portraying several devices as two-way physical portals, upon which Anime Expo environments would grow out of the lit screens, unfolding like a pop-up storybook. A series of handcrafted sketches ensued, and our scenes were born.

The Shinto Garden - Cosplayers attending Anime Expo can be photographed in several different detailed sets. The Shinto Garden, comprised of a pair of Torii (Japanese archways, commonly found at Shinto shrines), is one of their most popular sets.

The Convention Center - Anime Expo hits the Los Angeles Convention Center in a big way. The signage, crowds, and food trucks are all details that attendees know well.

The Main Hall - The Main Hall is where everything happens. Our job was to capture the buzz of excitement, the cosplayers, the crowds.

The Execution

Anime Expo has a large following on all social channels, with nearly a million followers, likes, and subscribers. The best approach would be to organically market to their current following, advertising the live stream through an image-based campaign.

The Results

The subscription funnel converted an astounding 9.23% of the traffic, increasing mailing list subscribers, and leading to nearly 350,000 views on Twitch!

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  • Client Team

    Mark Manansala (CEO), Jeremiah Fajardo (Entertainment Manager), Yohanes Fadillah (Project Manager), Dino Martin (Brand Manager), Meg Tsuruda (Branding Coordinator)

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  • Executive Creative Director

    Chris Do

  • Digital Director

    Ben Burns

  • Executive Producer

    Scott Rothstein

  • Senior Designer

    Sang Chung

  • Project Manager

    Daisy Zarazua

  • Designers

    Emily Xie, Mark Caasi

  • Matte Painter

    Reuben Corona, Wendy Wong

  • Copywriter

    Amy Leland