Sang Chung


1) Who are you?
My name is Sang and I’m awesome.

2) What do you do?
I am a designer and I focus on branding, Identity Design, UX, and Web design here at Blind.

3) What’s your background?
I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and went to high school in Vancouver, Canada.
I survived mandatory Korean military duty and a private design school.

4) What was the highest level of education you received?
I received a BFA in Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design.

5) Why did you go into design?
Because I was good at it.

6) What are your hobbies?
Playing video games. If that doesn’t count, I recently started riding a bike. I love it.

7) What is your greatest Fear?
Writing this bio.

8) How do you handle mistakes?
Making mistakes is just part of the journey…. I travel a lot.

9) What is the main lesson you’ve learned in life?
To live young, wild and free.