Case Study

Among the stars, glitz and glam of modern Hollywood– to stand out, you have to make a statement.


How do you stand out next to an iconic building designed by the world’s leading architects? How can you attract growing tech & media disruptors to the modern Hollywood scene?


Blind collaborated with real-estate developers, Hudson Pacific Properties, to create a world-class brand for Hollywood’s elite and Silicon Valley’s innovators.

The Approach

We began the project with a facilitated discovery session with Hudson Pacific Properties team. This brought clarity and insight to the brand and marketing strategy. Out of this discovery session we were able to:

1. Understand the users.
2. Define the brand.
3. Prioritize the goals.

User Needs at the Center

We identified two key users we needed to target. We surfaced their needs and pain-points, to understand what marketing solutions would be the most effective way to reach them.

Defining the Brand

To stand out amongst the noise of real-estate marketing, Blind developed a brand personality that would resonate with our targeted users. A premium brand to attract growing tech and media innovators. This defined how the brand would look, sound, and act.



CUE, is built on the Sunset Bronson Studios lot. A location rich with history from the golden era of film-making. We had to figure out a way to bridge the romance of vintage Hollywood, with the modern amenities of a cutting-edge space. The brand? CUE is the entertainment hub for innovative creators. Be more. Be disruptive. Belong.

Touch Points

Once defined, the brand personality served as a filter for us to write the messaging and create a unique identity system. This was applied to all customer touch-points. Including the website, video, email blast, brochure, and physical spaces.

Brand Lifestyle Video

Company culture was very important to potential clients. They wanted to attract and retain the best employees through lifestyle perks and amenities. To make it easy for our users to imagine their company in the space, we created an aspirational lifestyle video. Painting a picture of an energetic work/life balance in a redefined vibrant city.

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