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Using Design To Celebrate The Unsung Heroes Of Modern Businesses


Can saving money and being efficient be sexy? How do we celebrate the penny pinchers, cost conscious, fiscal freaks, efficiency experts, procurement police, cost cutters, organization optimizers— the  IT Directors and Chief Information Officers of Fortune 500 companies?


A strategic rebrand—logo, messaging, Power Point templates, signage, website, video and collateral—that not only celebrates the IT Directors as the unsung heroes, but the super heroes of innovative companies.

The Bottom Line

Tangoe (Nasdaq: TNGO) is an innovative IT expense management company based in Connecticut. Think of them like the Michael Jordan of IT efficiency.

During an intense, five month sprint, we rebranded Tangoe from the ground up—strategy, design, messaging and a crisp, new website. To top it off, we produced an anthemic video that premiered at their Connections 2015: Global Summit.


The project was initiated after a brief conversation between Blind’s ECD, Chris Do and Tangoe’s CRO, Michael Pray. Together, they agreed that the entire executive team needed to fly out to Blind’s offices in Santa Monica for a 2 day kick off discovery session.


It got deep. Lots of acronyms like BYOD (bring your own device) and TEM (telecomm expense management) were used.

Eyes quickly began to glaze over. But once we got past some of the tech jargon, we were able to surface key insights into the pain points of Tangoe’s client base— the IT Director and Chief Information Officer.


“Our clients are the relentlessly efficient, fiscally driven, control freaks… How do we appeal to them?”


“We need to be more empathetic towards your customers,” answered lead strategist, Chris Do.

The IT Director is the lifeblood of all modern companies. Often misunderstood and maligned. We only notice him when things stop working. Imagine your email system crashing down. Who is going to reconnect you to your customers? The IT Director is not just a hero, he is a superhero. And to quote Tangoe he has, “Super Fiscal Vision.”

This notion quickly formed into the design, visuals and messaging for the Tangoe brand and was applied across all key touch points including a video which was led by Blind CD, Greg Gunn.

tangoe_rebrand_logos2Tangoe Brand Attributes

tangoe stylescape

One of three Stylescapes created for Tangoe.

The Video

To kickoff Tangoe’s annual user conference (Connections Global Summit), Blind Creative Director, Greg Gunn, led the production of a video designed to unveil Tangoe’s latest innovation, Matrix.

Read more about the video.

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