Two Samurais Return Home

September 6th, 2014 – Chris Do and Jose Caballer joined forces once again for a presentation of “The Design of Business” for students and alumni at the inaugural BOLD: Art Center Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs. You can watch a recording of the live web stream here.

The diverse group of artists, designers and industry experts convened Saturday for a full-day intensive complete with networking, workshops and lectures, one of which was hosted by Skool founder, Jose Caballer and co-founder Chris Do.

The dynamic duo started off the lecture not only by asking the audience what they wanted to get out of the presentation, but also by highlighting differences between themselves – a quality that makes their presentations applicable for a variety of viewpoints.

“I couldn’t be right with the universe when I didn’t believe in the project,” Caballer commented, explaining what sparked his entrepreneurial drive.

“I’m a bit different,” Do continued. “For me it is more about control. One of the pillars of happiness is perceived control; I want to command my own destiny.”

The results of these epiphanies were the same: both men realized how necessary it was to provide more to their clients…more than just design…so that they could ultimately turn art into a business.

The hour-long presentation contained detailed slides designed to help teach strategy to designers – a client offering that Do and Caballer explained is essential for the business of design – and they ended by providing a detailed example from one of Do’s recent clients, Ole’s Fishing.

The audience was impressed with the results.

“Remember,” Do concluded. “I am not creating something [for the clients]; I’m holding up a mirror to what was already said.”

Participants were encouraged to tweet and instagram their notes from the event via #skoolcore.

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