The Skool’s First CORE Strategy Workshop: Success

During the weekend of June 28th, The Skool Rocks hosted the first official CORE Strategy Workshop and the results are in: Success!

BLIND’s Chris Do teamed up with The Skool’s Jose Caballer to create an immersive experience that teaches artists, designers and business owners  important business strategies in a two-day, hands-on bootcamp.

“It was fantastic and fun,” commented one participant in a post-event survey. “Is it okay that I don’t want anyone else to learn CORE so that I can be the smartest person in the room? But seriously, CORE was awesome and interactive and I would encourage anyone to do it.”

“Both Chris and Jose have extensive knowledge on the subject matter,” another reviewer noted. “They deliver the material with a fun, simplistic and interactive approach; they are the Martin and Lewis of the creative digital world.”

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