Representing Blind, Matthew and I were invited to join in this year’s Cut & Paste 2D/3D design competition. Our challenge was to design a hypothetical pitch for a video that represented “Neighborhood Pride,” over a series of timed rounds (15 to 20 minutes each). The end frame was the result of an intense 3 rounds that included: sketch, 3d, and final design.

In our pitch, we chose to represent Downtown Los Angeles at 2 in the morning. After a night of drinking, fun, and stuff you won’t remember, you can always count on your local bacon wrapped hotdog vendor to be waiting outside your bar doorstep. Angelenos participate in this weekly ritual to satisfy their drunken appetite, and wash away their intoxication. Though we are a city that is incredibly diverse, coming from all walks of life, it’s beautiful to know that we can all be united by something as simple as good food.

Event Recap


Round 1: Sketch


Round 2: 3D


Round 3: Final Design


Event Photos