The New Blind: A Brand Strategy Design Consultancy

With business strategy and design thinking at the forefront, the motion design pioneer reinvents itself as a place to help brands grow.

Blind launched as a motion design studio over 20 years ago, but lately, their focus has shifted. Once a hired-gun service company, their sights are now aimed at helping brands and businesses gain a competitive advantage in the marketing landscape.

Owner and ECD, Chris Do, explains:
“I saw a gap in the market and a need that wasn’t being met. Most of the work we’ve done in the past two decades was in service of large advertising agencies and for the global brands which hire them. But what if you were a billion dollar brand, had an in-house marketing department, but didn’t need the services nor the bloat of a large Madison Avenue agency? Where would you go?

These brands have similar needs: marketing & brand strategy, copywriting, design, video production, digital and social media marketing solutions. Our business model is a solution to fill that gap.”

Bridging the Gap

To help brands define their voice, align with their customers, and clarify their goals, Blind has become a team of strategic designers. Part business consultants, part designers.


Chris Do: “A brand strategy design consultancy is a hybrid between what is offered by two traditionally different types of companies— business management consultancy and design firm. Strategists tend to be big picture thinkers, but don’t have the creativity and attention to detail of designers. We refer to this as the strategic divide that exists between concept and realization– where good ideas go to die.”

This approach to design has proven successful with Blind’s new diverse roster of clients in real estate, tech, and entertainment.


Real estate developers, Hudson Pacific Properties, enlisted Blind to brand their developments all across the west coast. This included marketing materials for CUE, 4th and Traction, 450 Alaskan, and more on the way.


In early 2016, Blind consulted and rebranded Tangoe. Defining their voice in the IT management market, and built an identity system that reflected their brand values.


With new partnerships on the horizon and several new key hires– including a digital strategy director, and three trans-media designers– Blind has evolved to meet the brand and marketing needs of fast-growing businesses.


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